Organizational Structures

The organisation structure comprises of the General Assembly (GA), Executive Board of Directors, central management, and field operations.


GA is the apex governing body that approves rules and regulations prepared by the Executive Board of directors. The Executive board is the regulating body and ensures the implementation of rules and regulations. Under the leadership of an Executive Director, an executing team comprised of staff members is responsible for day to day activities, programme management and project delivery.


The management structure of the organisation comprises of the executive director, central programme and management functions, district coordination, and field offices.  The central office in Kathmandu acts as principal administrative and coordinating, and mostly project works are implemented from local field offices.


In line with the requirements of project implementation, field and district offices are headed by district coordinators. Based on the project work plan, each project management reviews the field functions in a quarterly basis and provides progress reports to the project manager and executive director. The District coordinator is responsible for the overall district programme operation including coordinating staff and district stakeholders, and reporting the progresses and outcomes. Likewise, finance division is responsible to regulate financial administration; timely release of funds to the projects, support the field offices to maintain books of account, collects financial reports from field and reconcile them as necessary.


Executive Committee (2074-2076)

Chairperson: Mr. Ang Phinjo Sherpa

Vice Chairperson: Mr. Arun Poudel

Secretary:  Mr. Uddav Kumar Karki

Treasurer:  Mrs. Sangita Shakya

Vice Secretary: Ms. Lakpa Sherpa

Member: Ms. Karma Yanji Sherpa

Member: Ms. Tsering Chumbi Sherpa