Organizational Approaches

Addressing Discrimination

We have a deep commitment to addressing discrimination, whether it is based on sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, age, physical ability or caste.


Appropriate and Indigenous Technology

Technologies based on local available resources - priority in the use of local human resources and environmentally friendly and appropriate technology whenever possible.


Participatory Approach

Participation - Ownership - Leadership – Sustainability is our strategic focus. We place strong emphasis on the meaningful participation of target communities in all programme stages; planning, needs identification, project design, implementation and evaluation.


Environmental friendly

We follow the "do no harm" principle and apply it through ecologically friendly activities. We raise awareness and educate the beneficiaries and stakeholders on climate change and mitigation measures.


Gender sensitivity and social inclusion

 We ensure the participation of women and the disadvantaged in all development initiatives that empowers them for access and control over resources and to bring them into the decision making process through ensuring Participation – Capacity Development – Empowerment.


Promote community empowerment

We ensure that the beneficiaries are involved in all stages of the project cycle and treat them as true and essential partners.


Seek Sustainable Results

We develop and use approaches that ensure long lasting improvements in the lives of the targeted poor and marginalized communities.


Intervention of people-centered projects in rural and remote areas:

We pride ourselves in reaching the unreached.  All our development initiatives are based on demands from the beneficiary groups, who are encouraged to develop their own ideologies and implementation capacities, whatever their background.


Transparency and Accountability:

We undertake annual planning in line with the local government’s plans and policies, and we obtain approval for our plans from the relevant local authorities.  We also undertake public hearings and social audits for each project. We have very well managed bookkeeping and reporting systems.


Priority to women staff members

We ensure a mandatory majority of female staff, and wherever possible, we attempt to ensure that these women derive from marginalized groups.


Recruitment of new graduates

We provide job opportunities to capable new graduates, provide them with work while they receive formal and on-the-job training. We also provide capacity building of individuals from the project beneficiary communities, and employ them as implementation staff with a view to them becoming potential community leaders in the future.


Low administrative cost

We ensure minimal administrative costs in our Kathmandu office and in our field offices at the local level. The maximum possible available funds are mobilized directly to the target area guided by the vision that all funds should go to the beneficiaries as documented in the proposal.